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Here Are the Best Shows to Watch This Week: Big Mouth, The Man in the High Castle

Plus: Wrecked's battle to the death ends!

Tim Surette

Looking for the best shows on TV this week? I got you.

But first, congratulations on surviving the first official week of the fall season, you've probably whittled down your list of must-see shows to about 500. How's, uhhh, Rel going? All caught up on FBI? Well get through them because I have even MORE shows for you to watch this week, especially if you're a fan of raunchy and/or silly comedy. But there's also a couple sci-fi shows if you're looking for something a little more intellectual to counter all the fart jokes.

Here are the best shows on television this week:

(And as always, if you're looking for more suggestions of what to watch on TV, we have plenty on our Watch This Now! page.)

These Are Your Best Bets for the Week

Big Mouth
Netflix; Friday
Puberty is hilarious. It messes up your body and mind, literally changing you as a person. Hair down there and "sheet sneezes" (yep, it's what you think) are at the center of this animated comedy about kids in the throes of that awkward stage between child and horny, young adult. Season 1 was a disgusting, perverted surprise, and Season 2 is more of the same fun. There's plenty of grotesque nudity and metaphors, and an outstanding voice cast that includes Nick Kroll and John Mulaney (who created the series), as well as Jenny Slate, Jason Mantzoukas and Jordan Peele. Gina Rodriguez and Fargo's David Thewlis join the season, with Thewlis playing the Shame Wizard, the embodiment of the kids' insecurities.

The 100 Best Show on Right Now

TBS; Season 3 Finale airs Tuesday, 10/9c
I've become a fan of this stupidly funny show that started out as a Lost parody but is now a great ensemble comedy that isn't afraid to embrace the ridiculousness of its premise. In the double-episode finale, the crew faces off against the rich dicks that were hunting them for sport and Danny survives by using one of the world's most deadly weapons: marbles. (Trailer)

The Man in the High Castle
Amazon; Season 3 begins streaming Friday
It's easier now to imagine a world in which America was taken over by Nazis than it was a few years ago (ha ha, oh lord, what have we done?!?!?!), but this alternate history thriller that poses what would happen if Germany won World War II is one of Amazon's best shows. After peeling back the layers of alternate realities in Season 2, the Resistance will get stronger as word of the secret films gets out in Season 3. If you hate Nazis, this is probably a show for you! (Trailer)

Flight of the Conchords: Live at the London Apollo
HBO; Saturday, Oct. 6 at 10/9c
(Please read this in a thick New Zealand accent.) It's business time, baby. Jemaine and Bret stop trying to be movie stars and finally get back together in this recorded concert from their reunion tour, in which they play a mix of old and new classics. Now get together and give us a Season 3 of Flight of the Conchords! (Trailer)

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The Interesting Release You Should Know About but Don't Necessarily Have to Watch

Star Trek: Short Treks
CBS All-Access; Thursday, Oct. 4
Ever watch Star Trek and think to yourself, "Why couldn't this be like 32 minutes shorter?" These four shorts -- which run between 10 and 15 minutes in length -- are set in the universe of Star Trek: Discovery and take closer looks at various characters, like Ensign Tilly and Harry Mudd. But fair warning: Have streaming shorts that are offshoots of popular properties ever been good? (Trailer)

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