HBO's Here and Now, a series you probably don't remember existed, has been canceled. The show lasted one forgettable season, concluding on Apr. 15.

Here and Now landed at HBO with some oomph behind it as it was created by Alan Ball, a visionary whose previous work included True Blood, Six Feet Under and the Oscar-winner American Beauty. But Here and Now was confusing, to say the least, and critics panned the show for trying to do too much while saying very little.

Set in beautiful Portland, Ore., Here and Now starred Tim Robbins and Holly Hunter and followed a multi-racial family as they dealt with issues of sexuality, race, mental illness and other topics. There was a possible supernatural element in the series as one of the adopted children kept seeing a recurring numeric message, but unless Ball had something more concrete in mind for Season 2, it never made a lick of sense. Also in the Season 1 finale, Mt. Hood erupted!

HBO was probably looking for another The Leftovers, but instead got literal leftovers. If you're looking for an HBO show that's confusing and somewhat pretentious but also enjoyable, just stick with Westworld.

Holly Hunter, Here and NowHolly Hunter, Here and Now