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AMC has set the premiere date for Hell on Wheels' fourth season. The Western drama will return on Saturday, Aug. 2 at 9/8c.

The show's fourth season will be an expanded one, consisting of 13 episodes that will be split up. The first 10 episodes will air consecutively through Saturday, Oct. 4, and then the show will take a month-long hiatus before returning on Saturday, Nov. 8 to air the final three episodes of the season.

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Season 4 will chronicle the expansion West along with the development of the railroad, as the government, businesses and individuals compete for control of Cheyenne, Wyoming — the most important railroad hub in the country. Among the new characters that will be introduced is series regular John Campbell (Jake Weber).

"We're excited about the stories we're telling in season four," said series executive producer and showrunner John Wirth said in a statement. "The consequences of the stories we told last year will continue to reverberate throughout the season, and fans can expect to see some shocking events that will not only change the lives of our characters, but the landscape of the series as the railroad continues its relentless march westward."

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