Another divine creature is descending upon 7th Heaven. Former Party of Five hunk Jeremy London joins the cast tonight (8 pm/ET on the WB) as an associate pastor hired to temporarily replace an on-the-mend Eric (Stephen Collins). "We have the best looking cast on television, and it's just getting better," exec producer Brenda Hampton gushes to TV Guide Online. "[Jeremy]'s perfect for the show.

"I had no idea he would do another series," Hampton adds of the actor, who played Neve Campbell's brooding boyfriend Griffin on PO5. "I just think he's spectacular."

London's Heaven alter ego — Chandler — arrives in Glen Oak this evening and gets an unusually icy reception from the Camdens. Fearing the new kid in the frock may be moving in on his territory, Eric recruits his rabbi rival (played by Richard Lewis) to help sabotage Chandler. "I'm having a lot of fun writing for a young single minister," says Hampton, who confides that she's already dreaming up a possible spinoff centered around the up-and-coming preacher. "It's almost like watching what Eric Camden was like [years ago]."

Sounds great, but what we really want to know is when the holier-than-thou hottie is going to get it on with one of the Camden girls — because we all know it's inevitable. Reveals Hampton: "It'll be after the first of the year before we get him hooked up with someone." In other words, Heaven can wait.