Question: I heart you. Damn, I was sure Reid was going to be "the big death" on Everwood. What else can you tell us?

Answer:'s Allison Corneau spoke to Rina Mimoun a few days ago and here's what she had to say about "the big death" on May 22: "For the people who are affected by it, it's certainly tragic, and there's definitely one person who's affected most of all. I suppose I could tell you the three people who it looks like could die, and then people could take their guesses. You've got Bright in a serious problem, after a major drunken incident at a bar that causes him to go flying through a sheet of glass. You've got Rose, with the scare returning. And Andy's father coming back to town will always cause speculation. When a very old man comes back to town to meet his grandchildren there are always questions when you bring in a super-old guy. It always seems like a last hurrah." Then again, there's a chance "the big death" might not be one of these three.