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Hawaii Five-0's Daniel Dae Kim live-tweeted Monday's Chin-centric episode, wrapping up CBS Tweet Week on a fun note.

Monday's episode dug deep into Chin and Kono's past, revealing the real reason why Chin Ho was kicked off the Hawaii police force years before. Although he took the heat — and lost his badge — for stealing money from the HPD asset forfeiture vault. Chin finally confessed to Kono (Grace Park) that it was actually their uncle who took the money to buy a kidney for their aunt from China's black market. "I love the character stuff we have in these final episodes," Kim tweeted to fans Monday night. See what else we learned:

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Pucker up, Scott Caan: After their first interrogation scene together, a fan asked if there would be more Danno and Chin scenes. "I hope. He's a good kisser," Kim wrote.

...but don't count Malia out yet: Caan may be a good kisser, but Kim also promised a return for his character's ex-fiancée, Malia (Reiko Aylesworth). "Soon, young Jedi, soon..."

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Where's the stash?: In keeping with the storyline on screen, Kim teased about the location of the stolen cash before the big reveal. "It's sitting in my driveway. BMW baby!!!"

Tour guide for hire: Between Lost and Hawaii Five-0, Kim has worked and lived in Hawaii for more than six years. He says his favorite place to hang out on Oahu is Kualoa ranch. "Other than that, the ADR room of our stages 2tweet fans."

Will the show come back next fall?: Speaking of his favorite local spots, Kim said he wouldn't exactly mind staying on the island, although he couldn't confirm a Season 2 pick-up. "I hope so. I'm getting used to living in Hawaii. ; )"

Spoiler alert (sort of): When asked to preview what's coming up on Five-0, Kim left much to be desired. "In the next episode, someone commits a crime, McG chases them, Danno wisecracks, and there's a great theme song."