Question: What is in that hatch!?

Answer: Here's what isn't, per Lindelof: "There aren't aliens there; there isn't a time-travel portal; they're not going to find a ship that'll blast them off into space It very easily could have been: They go into the tunnel; they find some maps; there are some more tunnels down there; there are more doors they can't open, but I'd be like, 'That is the suckiest thing!' We wanted it to be something great, something cool and something that was risky. I guarantee you there will be some people who do not like what they find in the hatch. But we feel that it's very bold and very daring and we wanted it to be something big and important, because people have put so much trust in us. We found this door in the 10th episode of the show and 13 episodes later they finally open it up, so what's inside has got to be something big."


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