Colin Hanks and Zachary Knighton Colin Hanks and Zachary Knighton

How's this for getting a little buzz? Colin Hanks raises a glass — and the gang's eyebrows — with an extended cameo on the excessively funny cult fave comedy Happy Endings.

In the Feb. 29 episode, Hanks goes for bro as "a hilariously clueless version of himself," says executive producer Jonathan Groff, after Dave's new cocktail menu turns his Steak Me Home Tonight food truck into the hip new hangout. Before you can say 'celebrity spoof,' the son of Gump is all about the place and acting all sorts of awful, which is clearly the furthest thing from the truth.

"He's the nicest guy," laughs Groff, praising the star (a pal of Happy's Adam Pally) for playing along with the lampooning himself. "He actually helped with the wardrobe choices... so he has this horrible club kid watch, these awful jeans, the diamond stud. This is your worst nightmare of what Colin Hanks would be."

And even though the fame trip winds up irking Dave to no end, the crew does have a reason to be happy to have Hanks around: According to Groff, he gives a much-appreciated shout-out to his classic 2002 comedy Orange County. "Our characters are exactly the right age for that movie to have been hugely important to them."  

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