How do you protect yourself from a top secret global Wessen organization once you've killed its leader? You blame it on someone else. Renard (Sasha Roiz) adapts that strategy very quickly when the final season of Grimm kicks off and he blames Bonaparte's (Shaun Toub) death on Nick (David Giuntoli) so Black Claw won't come after him or his children.

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No big deal, right? It's not like Renard and Nick have ever really been on the same side anyway, but Renard is now the mayor of Portland. On top of that, he's risen very quickly within Black Claw's ranks and he'll be using all of his new found power to find Nick — dead or alive.

The Scooby Gang are going to have to pull some serious tricks out of their sleeves if they want to protect their leader from the entire Portland police force, and the beginning of the season doesn't look good for them pulling it off.

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