Grey's AnatomySpeaking of Golden Globe nominations, how happy was I that

Grey's was nominated for best drama series, along with

Patrick Dempsey for best actor and Sandra Oh for best supporting actress? Here's hoping more of the cast get noticed for future awards, especially my favorite, T.R. Knight. This repeat of the season premiere reminded me why George is my favorite character. I loved that Webber asked George to be the mole, or in this case the "sponge," and it was very cool for George to use his sponge status to help get Joe the insuranceless bartender's expensive surgery financed. I remember how glued to the TV I was the first time I watched this, wanting to find out more about Addison. It was also the first time Meredith found out about Cristina sleeping with Burke, so it was great to relive those early Cristina-Burke moments, along with seeing Alex and Izzie when all they did was play the flirt-and-ignore game. One line I missed the first time was Meredith saying "my ex-boyfriend's wife looks like Isabella frickin' Rossellini and I'm like me." Of course, George had to tell Meredith "you look nice" twice. And, of course, I cried again when Alex hugged George at the end. What can I say? I'm a sap.  Dave Anderson

Sleeper Cell
On the very climactic finale of Sleeper Cell, Darwyn and the FBI are able to stop a massive attack on Dodger Stadium, as well as simultaneous attacks on Yankee Stadium and a baseball field in D.C. Phew! But they really left this miniseries open for a second installment. Farik and Co. can't go to trial without showing that the government condoned Darwyn's involvement with the murders, and "Steve," or Ilija, escaped without being captured. All in all, I did enjoy this series, but it is heavy stuff to watch, especially when paired with the nightly news. But the show wasn't all a downer. I did get to enjoy Ilija's rousing rendition of A Tribe Called Quest's "I Left My Wallet in El Segundo." Oh, but did mean old Farik really have to send tickets to Gayle and Markus so that they'd be offed during the gassing of Dodger Stadium? Sure, Darwyn and Gayle's relationship was in conflict with keeping Darwyn's focus on his main mission, but still. Especially since Farik jumped when he got a phone call from his wife saying she was in town, he's clearly in love, yet willing to sacrifice himself anyway. I guess that's why he's the bad guy. And I thought it was extra interesting that the ringleader, who specifically told his men to avoid being captured at all costs, was the first one caught, and is now suffering in captivity, awaiting his fate.  Angel Cohn