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Jackson Is Winning the Jaggie Breakup on Grey's Anatomy, and It's Not a Good Look

What if he worked on himself for a minute?

Megan Vick

It's an ugly truth about relationships, but when people break up there are always winners and losers -- no matter how "mutual" everyone claims the situation is. When it comes to Jaggie on Grey's Anatomy, Jackson (Jesse Williams) isn't just winning the breakup, he's dunking on Maggie (Kelly McCreary) so hard that it's getting painful to watch.

First things first: Jackson and Maggie needed to break up. They were the absolute worst for each other, and their repetitive, argumentative, cycle felt like the worst days of Jackson and April (Sarah Drew) on steroids. Jackson's aloof behavior exacerbated Maggie's insecurities and the back-and-forth made both characters insufferable. The fight in the woods is the best thing that could have happened to allow them to separate and grow as people.

The problem is, Jackson climbed out of the woods and right into a relationship with Vic (Barrett Doss). Thursday saw the fledgling couple shed their "just friends" facade and get down in a Grey Sloan treatment room. We don't deny that the scene was hot (is it possible to not have chemistry with Jesse Williams? Maybe if you were dead), but the knowledge that Maggie was in the hospital and could walk in at any moment made it feel awkward. When Vic did run into Maggie in the hallway later, it was definitely awkward.

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We are not denying Jackson the right to see other people -- and we love Vic! -- but the breakneck speed of this is worrisome. If Jackson were sleeping around with other people before having a moment of clarity, that would be one thing. But to jump in with someone new, someone who is also mourning a big loss, seems like it will only lead to trouble down the line. How are we to know this isn't a rebound for both of them? It's time that Jackson found love that wasn't problematic or headache-inducing.

There is also the Maggie component to consider as well. Can she be extra a lot of the time? Absolutely. But it is not unreasonable to not want your ex's new relationship in your face immediately after a breakup. It's bad enough that she has to see Jackson on a regular basis, but if she ends up walking in on Jackson and Vic hooking up because they're doing it at her place of work, she has every right to go nuclear. It's just not cool, bro.

This is not to say that a Jackson-and-Vic relationship wouldn't be perfect down the line. Right now, though, it just feels like a train that we didn't buy tickets for. And it makes Jackson look like an asshole when we all know he's better than this.

Grey's Anatomy airs Thursdays at 8/7c on ABC.

Jesse Williams, Grey's Anatomy​

Jesse Williams, Grey's Anatomy

Jessica Brooks, ABC