Well, that honeymoon period didn't last long.

On Grey's Anatomy, Owen (Kevin McKidd) and Amelia's (Caterina Scorsone) secret is out - but their budding romance quickly starts to create complications at Grey Sloan.

The new lovebirds aren't the only ones spending a lot of time between the sheets - Derek (Patrick Dempsey) and Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) are enjoying "reconnecting" so much that Derek is considering canceling his flight to D.C. to hand in his resignation. (Later, he says "I'll be back before you know it," in a way that immediately makes me think this trip is doomed. Judging by next week's previews, yes.)

No time to worry about that for too long, though, because Amelia suddenly walks in to MerDer's house as they're feeding the kids breakfast. And, since she's in the same clothes from the night before and Owen is trailing behind her, Meredith puts two and two together that her sister-in-law and her BFF's husband are having adult sleepovers.

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At the hospital, Maggie (Kelly McCreary) and Callie (Sara Ramirez) are lamenting bad dates from the night before, with Maggie upset that radiologist Ethan ignores her in the hallway and Callie lamenting that her man in uniform (is this police officer Dan, do we think?) was too boring to warrant a second outing.

After their awkward encounter that morning, Meredith confronts Amelia about her intentions with Owen, saying that Cristina has asked her to look out for him, and warns Amelia to "be careful." After taking her annoyance out on Stephanie (Jerrika Hinton), Amelia and Callie team up to treat a competitive high school golf prodigy whose spine is misaligned. Callie wants to make sure she's stabilized, whereas Amelia wants to make sure she can still play golf. Scholarships are on the line, after all. Owen, after hearing their debate, shockingly sides with Amelia.

Meanwhile, Stephanie and April (Sarah Drew) are tending to a restaurateur whose wife has cut off his penis, and who brings it (along with his sous chef/mistress) to the hospital in what looks like a Chinese takeout container. April wants to call Catherine Avery (Debbie Allen) in to the rescue, while Webber (James Pickens Jr.)'s pride prompts him to opt for a different - and lesser, apparently - surgeon. But April goes behind his back and calls her mother-in-law anyway. Catherine descends onto the roof in a helicopter like a secret penis agent, here to save the day. "I've reattached many phalluses," she tells the patient calmly. (Is there a spin-off idea here?)

When Maggie finally confronts Ethan about going MIA after their date, he tells her it was because she didn't stop talking for their entire evening, never asked him a single question about himself, ordered for him, and then paid. Yikes. Maggie, humiliated, runs out of the room.

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As she's working on the spinal patient, Amelia's running into complications - exactly the same ones Callie predicted, incidentally - so she swallows her pride and calls Callie in to help. But it's too late. The patient may already be paralyzed, and it's doubtful whether she'll ever walk or run again, let alone play golf.

When Callie and Amelia break the news to their patient's mother, she isn't satisfied with that result, and knows her daughter won't be either. Amelia's racked with guilt because she knows they should have done things Callie's way from the start, but Callie tells her meaningfully, "We did everything we could." (I smell another lawsuit brewing ... )

And so, Amelia gets mad at Owen for weighing in on the issue, thinking that he was doing her favors because of their personal relationship. She drags him into a supply room and tells him that their relationship is a mistake and needs to end.

In another OR, Alex (Justin Chambers) tries to reassure a mortified Maggie that she's a catch and it's Ethan's loss if he doesn't want to see her again. ("You've got that lispy thing!" may have been a little misguided, but otherwise this is a pretty sweet speech. Go Alex.) Maggie goes to see Ethan and confesses that their horrible date was just her "bringing the thunder," as she does when she's nervous. She awkwardly apologizes, and they set up a second date.

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Then, in a bizarre twist, the Penis Patient's wife comes to the hospital, and we learn that they had an agreement - he can sleep with waitresses and hostesses, but sous chefs are off the table (so to speak). They make out on the hospital bed, with security apparently on the way.

Inspired by the penis surgery, Stephanie gushes to Jo (Camilla Luddington) that she thinks she'd like to specialize in urology. And, as if on cue, screams erupt from the restaurateur's room because his penis has been re-severed - this time by the sous chef. For the second time in one day, Stephanie runs through the hall to save a penis, tracks the sous chef down in the bathroom, and finds out that the cheater had promised he was going to leave his wife to open another restaurant with the sous chef - who realizes this is never going to happen when her lover takes his wife back even after she cuts off his penis.

She finally hands the organ over to Stephanie - whom Catherine Avery later recruits to come join her for a urology fellowship in Boston. But, holding the severed penis in her hand (again), Stephanie decides that a urology specialty is all of a sudden much less appealing.

Back at the Shepherds' house, an embittered Amelia tells Meredith that her personal life is none of Meredith's business and makes an uncomfortable "walk 10 miles in my shoes" argument that basically puts Meredith in her place.

But not everyone is breaking up. Webber and Catherine finally hash out their issues and admit that they want to be with each other and later, we see Maggie leaving with Ethan.

Owen, also, is apparently not ready to give up on him and Amelia without a fight. He begs Amelia to be straightforward with him, and she gets saved by a phone call - that is actually for Derek. Meredith takes it, and learns that Derek never showed up at his meeting at the White House that morning. Uh-oh.

What do you think? Where is Derek? Was Amelia right to cut things off (no pun intended) with Owen - and is there still hope for them? And have you ever "brought the thunder" in a bad way on a date? Sound off in the comments!

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