The previous few weeks of Grey's Anatomyhave primarily focused on April (Sarah Drew) and Jackson's (Jesse Williams) chances at a happy ending, but this week all of the couple's major 'ships played Russian Roulette with their futures. Many ended up wrecked on the shore, but a few managed to fortify themselves and continue sailing into smooth waters.

Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Major Thorpe (Scott Elrod) took the first spin of the gun. Maggie (Kelly McCreary) and Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) stumbled upon the handsome doctor coming out of Meredith's room but when he got cagey and tried to keep Meredith locked in the room it became immediately apparent that something went horribly wrong with Meredith's first date - but Meredith isn't revealing exactly what and we're left to assume the worst.

Meanwhile, the center case of the week is another "Oh-my-God-what?" sex injury. A giant man hooked up with a tiny woman, Tori, and when the two fell over they both ended up in the ER - the latter with her right leg popped out of its sockets. Ouch! Callie (Sara Ramirez) took the lead and popped the leg back into its socket and took the unlucky lady up for a CT.

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Tori wasn't the only one having a bad day at the hospital. Catherine (Debbie Allen) came to visit Webber (James Pickens Jr.) and Jackson to see how her son is doing post-divorce and with the news he has another baby on the way. Jackson is not that excited to see his mom, or worry about how she's going to meddle with the situation, but Catherine isn't about to be turned away. April is keeping her head down and, no, she still hasn't forgiven Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) for telling Jackson about the baby in the first place.

Catherine doesn't waste any time in finding April at the hospital. It wouldn't be surprising if she decided to lay into her former daughter-in-law about keeping the pregnancy a secret, but instead Catherine is exactly what April needs at this moment in time. She asks about the pregnancy and how April feels without pushing about her decision to keep the baby or not. She's a sympathetic ear and it's one of the most beautiful conversations the two have ever had.

Back at the Grey residence, Meredith is coping with whatever happened the night before by cleaning. Cleaning is the new baking cupcakes to deal with traumatic situations, apparently. Both Maggie and Amelia stayed home for work to help and wait for Meredith to explain whatever happened.

At the hospital, it turns out popping the leg back into the socket was not the miracle originally thought. Callie's patient is losing circulation to her right leg and they have to rush her to the OR to repair the blockage and save the leg, hooray! However, that ties Callie up when her daughter Sophia comes into ER after hitting her head on a rock. With every doctor either dealing with Meredith's emergency or in surgery, Blake (Samantha Sloyan) is the only person to check out Sophia.

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Blake handles the situation perfectly and pages Callie and Arizona once Sophia has been bandaged up. Arizona is happy that Sophia is okay, but it turns out that Callie has a bit of an issue with Blake interacting with Sophia without Callie present. She blames it on Arizona, which immediately fills Blake with regret and she marches off to apologize. However, when she does say sorry to Arizona, it becomes clear that Callie lied and now Blake has to worry why her girlfriend is being so weird about her meeting Sophia.

Now Karev (Justin Chambers) has joined the Meredith rescue team, but he's as confused by the urgent need to clean as Amelia and Maggie. Still, he rolls up his sleeves and helps to steam a stain out of the rug - or sarcastically says how pointless it is while watching Meredith and Amelia do it. Even though Meredith isn't ready to talk about what happened with her, she is ready to dig into everyone else's personal lives. Maggie tries to make excuses for why DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti) hasn't been texting her about his big surgery. Meredith, Amelia and Karev use their combined terrible romantic history to inform Maggie that she's getting the brush off, and like that another relationship hits a major speed bump.

Maggie isn't about to sit around and let an intern ghost her. She heads straight to the hospital and calls him out for his flaky antics and asks him point-blank if he wants to be with her or not. The idiot hesitates and Maggie gets her answer right there. He's not ready to be dating an attending and the two of them part ways. It's a shame because DeLuca seemed good for Maggie, but in the end he wasn't able to shrug off the opinions of the rest of his intern class.

The carpet is finally clean back at the Grey Crisis Headquarters and Meredith has moved on to organizing closets when she stumbles upon Derek's (Patrick Dempsey) blanket. It turns out that Thorpe wasn't a monster and he didn't do anything to hurt her - she just wasn't ready to be that intimate or vulnerable with someone. Thorpe isn't McDreamy because his timing is off, but perhaps there is hope for him later.

Things continue on the bittersweet train at the hospital as April finds Jackson to tell him that she's had a chat with Catherine - and it was actually helpful. Considering how badly the two of them left things last week, it seems like a miracle that they are so easily able to agree to talk about how they want to parent the baby. It's a big moment for both of them, and they each seem equally surprised it was able to go so smoothly.

There can't be too much good news at once, though. Blake finds Callie and tells her that she can deal with Callie not being in the same place or not being ready for her to meet Sophia, but lying to her is absolutely not cool. Blake tends to just take whatever's shoved at her, which makes it really powerful when she does stand up for herself. Let's face it, Callie was seriously wrong on this one.

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While Callie reels from Blake dishing up a hot serving of truth, Amelia is bringing her niece and nephews home to the Grey casa only to find Owen (Kevin McKidd) on the doorstep. He's been turning himself inside out all day after she stumbled upon him under a pile of beer bottles in his trailer the night before. It wasn't exactly the most romantic evening for a recently recovered alcoholic to stumble upon. Amelia makes an admittedly mature decision and tells Owen that she's only just gotten sober again and she's not ready to deal with him going under. She has to worry about herself, and just like that another Grey's relationship bites the dust.

It's not a happy ending for the case of this week's couple either. After having her leg repaired and surviving an almost embolism, Tori breaks it to her giant, Chris, that she's climbed Everest, and no one needs to do it twice. Thus, their love affair ends in the ER and they go their separate ways. The breakup sends Callie to Bailey (Chandra Wilson) for advice about when is the right time to introduce Sophia to Blake. Callie admits that she's had a history of moving too fast, getting married too fast (we remember, Callie O'Malley), and so her worry about doing it again is understandable. Bailey tells her to imagine whom she wants next to her when Sophia is winning the Women's World Cup for soccer, and Callie looks to have an epiphany. Bailey's speech works and Callie recants her earlier ER statements to ask Blake to come get ice cream with her and Sophia. The crisis is averted and this couple makes it out of the storm.

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Meanwhile, there's a breakup convention back at Meredith's house as Meredith, Karev, Amelia gather around a house fire. They're commiserating over snacks and booze when there's a knock at the door. Major Thorpe has returned and its time for Meredith to own up to why she freaked out. She re-confirms that it was nothing that he did, but just that she wasn't ready to be on that level with someone after Derek. He understands and agrees to back off - for a while. After that he's going to call again, and show up again, and not give up because he's pretty sure Meredith is "worth waiting for." Okay Thorpe, you have our attention.

Even though Meredith isn't ready to get back on the romantic horse, she is ready to forgive Amelia. She allows her sister-in-law to stay at the house and it feels like the first step to them being back on the same page. Its proof that time heals all wounds.

Remember: this is Grey's Anatomy though, so the good vibes can only last for so long. We return to the hospital as Jackson mans up to thank Catherine for talking to April. This episode felt like such a refreshing change of pace for the Avery family, until Catherine reveals that she wasn't trying to be understanding of April at all. Their sweet conversation in the on-call room was purely for Catherine to find out when April knew she was pregnant, and now she plans to sue her for custody of the baby. She walks out to join Richard for dinner while Jackson is left with his jaw on the floor. Just as he thought there was a light at the end of this drama tunnel he realizes he's going to be square in the middle between his mother and April, and there is no way for that to end well.

Next week, Owen and Riggs (Martin Henderson) get their shot at relationship counseling. Are they going to make it or end up wrecked on the rocks as well?

Grey's Anatomy continues Thursdays at 8/9c on ABC.

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