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When Season 6 of Grey's Anatomy premieres (Thursday, 9/8c, ABC), George and Izzie are both on death's door. While it's not exactly a secret who lives and who dies, we thought you might need a quick refresher on where we left off — and a juicy tease about what comes next.

Meredith Grey

Where Were We? Mer had an impromptu Post-It Note "wedding" to Derek, the "honeymoon" for which was interrupted by the discovery that the mangled John Doe was George.
What's Next?
She's enjoying the perks of being a newlywed, which includes a lot of naked time with Shepherd. To accommodate Pompeo's maternity leave, Mer will be MIA for part of the season.

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Derek Shepherd

Where Were We? He operated on Izzie, which resulted in some memory loss, and he was attempting to save George's life.
What's Next?
It seems somebody in the corner office thinks Dr. Shepherd might make a good chief of surgery. Look for an upcoming Derek-centric episode.

The Chief

Where Were We? The Chief watched as the hospital's rankings fell and two of his residents almost died.
What's Next?
He's being ousted by the board. Some call it a witch hunt. 

Cristina Yang

Where Were We? Cristina finally told the post-traumatic stress disorder-afflicted Owen that she loves him.
What's Next? Love is great and all, but when is she going to get some? Plus, she has new interns to torture — and they all seem suspiciously familiar. (Think Mini-Me.)

Owen Hunt

Where Were We? Owen was considering re-enlisting; a tense meeting with his mother derails that plan and he agrees to get treatment for his PTSD.
What's Next?
He thinks sex will interfere with his therapy, but he offers emotional support for Cristina.

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Callie Torres

Where Were We? Callie attempted to prevent George from joining the Army, which caused a rift with Arizona, whose brother died while serving in the military.
What's Next? Callie has a surprising reaction to George's death — and his last wishes.

Arizona Robbins

Where Were We? Her budding relationship with Callie was strained. She also lobbied to get Bailey to consider the pediatrics fellowship.
What's Next? She is there for both Callie and Bailey in their times of need.

Alex Karev

Where Were We? Alex struggled to help Izzie, his new wife, retain her memory. He's last seen trying to rescusitate her, ignoring her DNR order.
What's Next?
He has to tell Izzie that George has died. Also, Alex and Izzie are moving out of Mer's house.

Izzie Stevens

Where Were We? Well, she appeared to be dead actually, strolling through the halls with also-presumed-dead George, she in her favorite pink prom dress; he in a military uniform.
What's Next? She survives, but the road won't be smooth for Izzie when a hospital merger threatens her job. In the meantime, she does make some interesting wig choices.

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Mark Sloan

Where Were We? In an effort to one-up Derek, Sloan asked Lexie to move in with him. 
What's Next? Real estate-wise anyway, Sloan will be moving closer to Callie. 

Lexie Grey

Where Were We? After a season of heartache, Lexie decides not to move in with Mark.
What's Next? Lexie is consumed by guilt after George's death. She busies herself with new responsibilities at the hospital.

Miranda Bailey

Where Were We? She turned down a pediatric fellowship in the hospital to be a general attending. Her husband left her.
What's Next? Bailey shuts down after George's death, which affects her medical judgment.

George O'Malley

Where Were We? After suddenly deciding to enlist in the Army, he was nearly killed after jumping in front of a bus to save a stranger.
What's Next? It depends on your particular religious beliefs, I suppose. His funeral is kind of funny though. Yes, funny.

All caught up? Now tell us: What are you looking forward to in the new season?