Old feelings die hard on Grey's Anatomy.

Though creator Shonda Rhimes teased earlier this summer that Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) won't be getting back into the dating game any time soon, at least one of her colleagues will. After testing the waters of singledom at the end of last season, Callie (Sara Ramirez) will go full speed ahead as she tries to find new love. But don't expect that to sit well with her ex, Arizona (Jessica Capshaw).

"When two people have had this kind of committed, tumultuous relationship - and it has been that - and then finally they go their separate ways, there's still love there," executive producer Debbie Allen, who also plays Catherine Avery on the show, tells TVGuide.com. "Even though you've moved on, you're always going to go, 'Well, who is she with? And what is that?' There's going to be questions about that and feelings. Because when there's love, there's always feelings."

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But don't get too excited, Calzona supporters. If the fan favorite couple is going to reconcile, the path to get there is going to be a long one. Callie dating both men and women brings up some unexpected jealousies and "tensions" between her and Arizona, Allen hints, and they may start to realize that being friends might not be the best route to take. But unfortunately, they don't have the option of avoiding each other.

"When people have children together, they can't divorce totally," Allen notes. "You still have to see them, whether you can't stand them or not."

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