Steven Bailey, Grey's Anatomy Steven Bailey, Grey's Anatomy

For fans sick over the thought that Thursday's episode of Grey's Anatomy is the last until next year, here's a prescription — Seattle Grace: On Call, a webisode series.

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Shot documentary-style, the four-minute episodes are set in Joe's Emerald City Bar, chronicling the woes the Seattle Grace docs face.

Joe the Bartender (Steven Bailey) is joined by interns Steve, Megan, Pierce, Graciella and Ryan. New Mercy Westers Reed (Nora Zehetner) and Charles (Robert Baker) also star.

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"Our goal with the web series is to expand the Grey's universe by offering a unique perspective of the various happenings at Seattle Grace, while paralleling some of the same story lines seen on the show," said Grey's executive producer Shonda Rhimes.

The first webisode becomes available online right after the year's final installment of the series, at 10/9c. It concludes Jan. 21, with a making-of look about On Call Jan. 27.