Question: I would love you as much as Patrick Dempsey if you would tell me something about Meredith and Derek's relationship!

Answer: Did you see that big Grey's cover story in Monday's USA Today? In it, both Dempsey and Ellen Pompeo basically confirmed that there are no major developments with Mer-Der in the early part of the season. "Meredith and Derek are sort of treading water," Dempsey said. Added Pompeo, "All of our scenes are the same we're either breaking up or having sex." She then teased that the star-crossed lovers will have an on-call-room "date" in an upcoming episode. Onetime spoilerphobe Shonda Rhimes, meanwhile, teased that one couple will get divorced this season, "and not the one people are thinking of." Hmmm I was thinking George and Callie. Does that mean I'm wrong?