Greek Greek

When the Greek mid-season finale airs (Mon, 9/8c on ABC Family), viewers will see what transpires after Casey and Cappie finally locked lips in the penultimate episode. Spencer Grammer, who plays Casey, told that she hoped the kiss was "as rewarding for everyone as we were trying to make it." So what else can we expect down the road for Cappie (Scott Michael Foster), Casey and her ZBZ girls? Grammer tells us what's in store at Cyprus Rhodes, why she doesn't want Casey and Cappie to become a "boring love story," and how a Greek house burns down. Last week's episode ended with Casey and Cappie finally kissing. I can't imagine they'll get off so easily in the finale.
Spencer Grammer: It's difficult because they've rekindled the friendship with Evan and [are] trying to make it OK with everybody [who] they've dated. It's definitely a challenge between them, but I think that they're really good problem-solvers and creative, funny and intelligent, so they can work it out pretty well. And Casey has some other decisions to make in the finale?
Grammer: Casey's got to figure out, does she go with Panhellenic or is Katherine [Gamma Psi member and Panhellenic president] trying to sabotage them? Ultimately you see what she chooses. And what about Casey and Katherine's rivalry during Songfest? (Watch ZBZ's performance here.)
Grammer: Gamma Psi has become the No. 1 house. We have songfest and they take away ZBZ's really great dance, so we have to come up with [a new one] at the last minute. Casey's a pretty good dancer. It was so much fun [and] so traditional — something I definitely missed in my college experience. The second half of this season premieres Jan. 25. Can you preview some of what's to come?
Grammer: There was a house that burnt down, so figuring out who's at fault for that. I'm not going to say which house, but it could've been an accident, it could've been on purpose. We have a softball game against Gamma Psi and you continue to see that rivalry grow.

You're going to see more of Casey and Cappie together and how they navigate their relationship. To me, it was really important that the characters stay themselves in some ways. All the seasons you've seen them in, they've been these interesting characters and really honing in on who they are as individuals. I wanted to make sure that they didn't fall into that "we're just falling in love" boring love story [and that] they stayed those super funny, charismatic and witty characters with each other. Who would you like Casey to be with when the series eventually comes to an end?
Grammer: I want Casey to be with Cappie, [but] the struggle with Cappie is that he's the eternal Peter Pan. Will he be able to keep up with Casey and her drive and motivation to have a career? It's such an interesting perspective on relationships. Nowadays you find... a lot of women are making more money than their male counterparts. It's similar to the Casey-Cappie relationship. She's on this politically driven path. Is she going to struggle with being in love with this guy and maybe taking care of him because he hasn't really found his way just yet? Can they grow together as a couple? I think that's going to be the struggle that we see toward the end of the last 10 [episodes]. That will be something I deal with internally as a character. How has Casey changed since the pilot?
Grammer: Casey [is] more comfortable with herself and she's OK with the fact that she does things badly sometimes. In the beginning, she tried to shy away from who she was, and I think [now] she's more accepting.