With seven Grammy nominations, look for soul diva India.Arie to take center stage when the music industry's biggest kudofest airs live Feb. 27 on CBS. Will Arie — whose autobiographical Acoustic Soul album has made her a sensation — break into the movies like other musical darlings before her?

"I don't necessarily have aspirations to that... but I'm open to it," Arie says. Well, any directors interested in hiring the soulful songbird should take note: She doesn't fancy the glamour and glitter that most singer-to-screen sirens demand in their film debuts. "If I did it, it would have to be something similar to my life experience in some sort of way," she muses. "I would never be a model in a movie. I'd be, like, the fastest swimmer in the world."

Actually, Arie is already involved in the movie business, even if we haven't yet seen her on the screen. She's recorded a track that will be featured in Mel Gibson's Vietnam War epic, We Were Soldiers (due out March 1). "It's called "Good Man," and the way it came out, it's beautiful," she says breathlessly. "I love that song."

Arie recently performed her Grammy-nominated Record of the Year, "Video," at the launch party for the Pantene Pro-Voice Music Competition in New York City. Whilst there, she shared some words of wisdom with the aspiring young female artists. "Have a mission statement," she declares. "There are days when I'm off balance — especially after the Grammy nominations — and I have to remember why I'm doing this. But it's working."