Blake Lively in Gossip Girl by Andrew Eccles/The CW Blake Lively in Gossip Girl by Andrew Eccles/The CW

Talk about an OMG moment. The CW has announced that when Gossip Girl returns this Monday, it will be a broadcast-only event, meaning no online streaming of the upcoming new episodes. "For these next five weeks the epicenter of the Gossip Girl universe will be on the CW's broadcast television airwaves," network president Dawn Ostroff said in a statement.

In addition to its new Mondays-at-8 slot, GG will air encores Sundays at 6.

Lest the Web-savvy be left totally in the cold, will serve up post-episode interviews with Gossip Girl exec producer Josh Schwartz, plus behind-the-scenes video, two-minute recaps of every episode (posted after the Monday airings), and watch-and-win contests.

What's your take? A small inconvenience, or were you addicted to streaming? (PS. The new eppys will be downloadable via iTunes.) - MWM

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