Goodbye, Weiss. What a depressing way for him to depart for his promotion in Washington:, standing all alone while the rest of the agents went back to their work. But hey, he didn't get completely eviscerated by a monster and casually tossed into a treetop. He even got to do a bit of piloting earlier on, making up for his crash landing on that other J.J. Abrams show. Who is that cryogenically frozen guy? Vaughn? Some new big bad? Rambaldi? And why did Renee end up with him? I so don't trust her. But I can't wait to see Balthazar Getty in action. I'm always leery of new additions, and would almost rather see a familiar face like, say, Sark back instead. But agent Thomas Grace seems like he isn't afraid of a fight, and that could liven the place up, especially since Syd can only get in a few good kicks and punches per episode. Oh, and if something is going to happen to that baby, could someone warn me? I've got those crazy raging pregnancy hormones myself, and you don't want to cross me. I can stick around through all this character upheaval, but that would seriously push me over the edge.