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Good Trouble: Jesus' New Hookup Is Going to Seriously Complicate Things for Callie

Peter Paige teases what's next after that sexy tryst

Megan Vick

Tuesday's episode of Good Trouble opened with Jesus (Noah Centineo) in bed with a hot blonde. What else would you expect from the Lothario of the Adams Foster family, ya know? However, you could tell immediately that Jesus' romance would have consequences once the hot blonde was revealed to be Rebecca (Molly McCook), Callie's (Maia Mitchell) fellow clerk for Judge Wilson (Roger Bart).

Thanks to some timing shenanigans, Callie didn't find out until the end of the episode that Jesus had managed to find the most inconvenient person to hook up with in all of Los Angeles. It didn't help that Callie went behind Rebecca's back and reported her former boss for sexual harassment to Judge Wilson after Rebecca explicitly asked her not to share that story. So, it's fantastic that Rebecca is showing up at the Coterie, where Callie lives with Malika (Zuri Adele) in closer quarters than she disclosed to the judge a few episodes ago.

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That's not where the drama ended though. While all of this was going on, Mariana (Cierra Ramirez) started a female rebellion at Speculate after getting fed up with the racist and misogynist atmosphere that pervades the company. However, every employee signed a non-disclosure agreement when they joined, meaning they weren't supposed to discuss salary with any other employees and anyone caught participating in Mariana's rebellion could get fired.

Executive producer Peter Paige helped TV Guide break down the tense episode and teased what's coming in the latter half of the season. Keep reading to see what he had to say!

Noah Centineo, Good Trouble​

Noah Centineo, Good Trouble

Richard Cartwright, Freeform

A lot of people who direct episodic television just get episodes assigned to them by the executive producers, but as the executive producer, why did you choose to direct this episode?
Peter Paige: The one with Noah in it? Well, if I'm being 1,000 percent honest, it's just how it worked out logistically because I directed the second episode, and I was directing the second to last, and it was sort of the best slot that worked. That's the uninteresting answer, but I will say this: Any time our family came back, we wanted to make sure we created a really ... especially welcoming environment for them, and so knowing that Noah was going to be joining us, of course I was thrilled to be able to take the helm.

What was it like having Noah back on set now that he is officially the internet's boyfriend?
Paige: Well, what's crazy is he was becoming the internet's boyfriend the week he was on set. The week it was all happening was when he was with us. That's the week that ... Gabrielle Union was tweeting about how she wanted to date him, and all the cougars were coming after him, and all of that was happening while he was on set with us. And we were like, "This is kind of crazy," and he was like, "This is kind of crazy." So we were there, holding his hand basically, as it happened.

I found it very fitting and appealing that Jesus came in and immediately got into some girl drama while he was there. We have this cliffhanger revelation that he slept with Rebecca. How is that going to play out going forward?
: Look, it's just a complicated situation. It is a little bit of an odd pairing, but the only person who's going to find it really stressful is Callie, to have her beloved brother sleeping with her new frenemy at work. It's just a little bit messy for everyone.

Does this mean that there is room for Noah to return to help clean up this messy situation?
Look, there is always room for Noah to return. Always, always, always.

Speaking of Callie and Rebecca, Callie was really pushing Rebecca to come forward with the sexual assault allegation in this episode. How is it going to go when Rebecca finds out that Callie made a complaint against Rebecca's old boss?
Paige: It's going to complicate it in a huge way. You'll see in Episode 9 that Rebecca views it as a betrayal and is really thinking about retribution.

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I found it interesting that both Callie and Mariana are facing sexism in the workplace in two very different ways. How are they going to bond together over these separate situations that they're facing?
Paige: I sort of think every woman in the world at this moment in time is having a reckoning around dating, sexuality, romance and flirting and all of that in the workplace. What does it mean? How do we do it? Is there a way to do it that's appropriate? So I love that we're exploring in not one, but two environments, in two really different ways. Callie and Mariana, they are very, very, very different people, but occasionally they find themselves confronted with the exact ... same issues, the same challenges, and I always just find it fascinating how instinctually they each want to deal with it differently.

Mariana kind of gets a win towards the end of the episode when HR says that she needs to be part of this social media project. Is that going to make her slow her roll a little bit when it comes to her salary rebellion that she's waging? Or is she going to go full steam ahead in trying to make the company recognize the power of the woman they have?
Paige: You know our Mariana. She ain't taking table scraps. Yes, she gets a win, but it ain't the win she wants. That's not a big enough win for her, and Mariana's never -- she's rarely ... out for herself. She knows that there's big fish to fry here, and she ain't going to stop until it's gone.

Do we think that this is going to be a good move for her, or is this going to make things only that more complicated for her at this particular job?
Any time you are trying to change the status quo, you are going to piss people off along the way. That's just human nature. Any time you try to change the dynamic, you are in danger of getting some pretty serious blowback, and Mariana is no exception.

We've seen her stage these kinds of protests before, and sometimes she goes a little bit too far when doing it. How do you guys want to show that she's grown and matured and handling this in a smart and responsible way to actually get things done rather than getting in over her head?
Paige: It's always a balancing act. I mean, like I said, Mariana's very headstrong and very, very determined, but it gets hard to know, where's the line? When do you keep pushing? When do you push some and wait and see what happens? When do you see what the fallout is from what you've already done? I think that's a question that everybody kind of struggles with, is how do I make a stand without losing my job? But when you really believe in something, you got to try. So Mariana will, as usual, make some bad judgment calls along the way. She'll make some good ones, too, but she'll make some bad ones.

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What can you tease about the rest of the season?
Paige: Well, you've got an extra chunk, and they're fantastic. It is a really great ride. Everything is building. There's great emotion, great tension, great sex and romance. ... Forgive the hubris in this, but I think we did a really incredible job of dropping you into a world and introducing you to it, but that's the job of the first half of the season is just letting you get to know the world. Now we're in. We're into story, we're into character, we know these people. We're invested, so you've got a really fun ride ahead.

Will there be any more threesomes?
Paige: I don't think there are any more threesomes in Season 1. That is all I will say.

Good Trouble airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on Freeform.