The Golden Globe Awards, aka a "night of partying and heavy drinking," are on Sunday, and when the booze is flowing and food isn't being eaten, all bets are off. In honor of the sloppiest and most unpredictable party in town, let's look back at some of its best sloshed moments.

Fargo, True Detective, The Affair top Golden Globe nominations

1. When Glenn Close had a drunken seizure


2. When J. Law double-fisted


3. When Bette Midler developed an oral fixation

4. When Andrew Garfield forgot how to talk

5. When Christian Bale broke his face


6. When Hugh Grant had some theories about Renee Zellweger


7. When Jacqueline Bisset couldn't form words at first and then wouldn't stop

8. When Jack Nicholson got even more relaxed

9. ... and Kathy Bates approved

10. When Harrison Ford slurred through his whole speech

11. When Elizabeth Taylor suffered from premature presentation

12. When Brendan Fraser did this

13. When Ben Kingsley and his wife were rounding second base

14. When Julia Roberts apparently pre-gamed all day

15. When Emma Thompson was the best


16. When Diddy let it flow


17. ... and ambushed Bono


18. ... and helped us get through this together


The Golden Globes airs Sundays at 8 pm ET / 5 pm PT on NBC.