The Tonight Show star Jimmy Fallon is hosting the Golden Globe Awards for the first time this Sunday. This is not his first time at the award show rodeo, but it's his first time hosting a major award show since the Emmys in 2010. We won't know exactly what he'll do as host, but we can be pretty sure it'll be playful and music-heavy.

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In order to really get a sense of what to expect (and get excited for the show), here are Jimmy Fallon's 12 funniest moments. They're all pretty different and show off varying skills and facets of Fallon's personality, from impressions to party-starting. Any and all of them could influence Fallon's performance at the Golden Globes. They range from back in the day on Saturday Night Live to right now. Let's get to them.

Jimmy FallonJimmy Fallon

12. 62nd Emmys Opening

It's likely Fallon will open the show with a number in the vein of the delightful, star-studded Glee/"Born to Run" mashup he did at the 2010 Emmys. It's exactly what Fallon does best — getting celebrities to join in on the fun via clever and detailed musical homage.

11. Musician Impressions

Jimmy Fallon's impressions of singers are truly uncanny. He sounds just like Bob Dylan or Neil Young or whomever he's imitating. And speaking of Bruce Springsteen, Fallon's funniest impression was the time Neil Young and the Boss sang Willow Smith's non-classic "Whip My Hair."

10. "Idiot Boyfriend"

Back in 2002, a younger, cuter Fallon put out on album called The Bathroom Wall, which included a hilarious fake Prince song called "Idiot Boyfriend." As a comedy song that's actually good, it's Lonely Island caliber.

9. His story about losing to Prince in ping-pong

When Prince died, everyone who ever met him had a wild story about interacting with him. Fallon's was a fairly standard Prince story, but the charming way he told it elevated it. He's best known for his physical activities and singing, but Fallon can talk, too.

8. Barry Gibb Talk Show

Fallon's best recurring SNL sketch was the Barry Gibb Talk show, where he did an unhinged impression of the leader of the Bee Gees. The sketches started his long working relationship with Justin Timberlake.

7. The History of Rap

But his best collaboration with Timberlake is their long-running History of Rap, where they rap a medley of hip-hop classics. There's a good chance we'll see them rap about Stranger Things and Westworld this Sunday.

6. The Evolution of Mom Dancing

It's like the History of Rap, but with dancing, and instead of Justin Timberlake his partner is Michelle Obama.

5. Lip Sync Battle

But his all-time signature music bit is the lip sync battle.

4. More Cowbell

During his time on SNL, Fallon became infamous for his inability to keep from laughing during sketches. But sometimes his laughing made it better. Like here — how could you not laugh at Will Ferrell? He was just being honest.

3. Weekend Update

From 2000 to 2004, Jimmy Fallon co-hosted Weekend Update with Tina Fey. In 2016, Fey and Fallon returned, in character as two undecided voters from suburban Philadelphia, and Fey made the best joke that anyone has ever made at Fallon's expense, poking at him for ruffling Donald Trump's hair at a time when it was extremely inappropriate to give Trump fluffy treatment.

2. Slow Jam the News

It's cool for him to let President Obama drop the mic, though.

1. Breaking Bad Parody

When Breaking Bad ended in 2013, Fallon did an epic parody/tribute that's astonishing in its accuracy and attention to detail. If we don't get a parody like this during the Golden Globes, it'll be a huge letdown (we'll get a parody like this).

The 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards airs Sunday, Jan. 8 at 8/7c on NBC.