So after going to the live Will & Grace taping and getting a bite to eat at the after-party, where I told the cast how fabu they were, I was really in the mood to go home to watch my favorite Chicago-based medical drama. Actually, I wasn't I had it TiVo'd, so I would have preferred to watch it at a later time, but an assignment is an assignment, right? Luckily, I got all my laughs out of my system at the taping, since this was an especially intense and depressing ER. You can't get much sadder than an injured surrogate mother who gives birth to a baby with toxic brain defects, causing the new parents not to want it anymore. Nice to see Amy Aquino back guesting on the show, but this was the second episode in a row without Kerry Weaver. At least Laura Innes directed it. Interesting how Sam and Luka chose to spend time away from each other, thus giving Goran Visnjic more screen time with Maura Tierney, which hasn't happened in ages.

Best moments were two closing scenes, one with Mekhi Phifer and one with Shane West. First, Danny Glover is great as Pratt's long-lost father, and I like that he wanted to introduce his son to the rest of his family. And West gets better every week as Ray. The former teen from Once and Again has really grown into the role. Very poignant scene where he wants to be by the defective baby's side since no one else does. Next week Kristen Johnston joins the cast, and Kerry is finally back. Bring it. DA

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