Planned Parenthood is praising Netflix's GLOW for its handling of the main character's decision to get a "safe, legal abortion."

In one episode of GLOW, a lighthearted dramedy about the creation of a female wrestling television show in the 1980s, Ruth (Alison Brie) decides to terminate her pregnancy and goes to a Planned Parenthood clinic to undergo the procedure.

"We applaud GLOW for highlighting the need for every woman to have full, accurate information about all of her options so she can make the best decision for herself," Caren Spruch, director of arts and entertainment engagement at Planned Parenthood Federation of America, said in a statement. "With reproductive health under constant attack from politicians, it's more important than ever for the public to see storylines about abortion that are accurate, authentic, and respectful of women's experiences. To reduce the stigma and silencing that many women experience, we must replace misinformation with facts and support honest, authentic portrayals of the women who make this decision."

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GLOW approached the topic of abortion matter-of-factly rather than over-dramatizing it, allowing Brie and Marc Maron, whose character Sam takes Ruth to the clinic in a show of support, to carry the weight of the subject in their performances. In the end, the abortion was successful and Ruth went back to her new life as a wrestler.

Producers of GLOW, which include Orange Is the New Black creator Jenji Kohan, worked with Planned Parenthood to ensure the details of the abortion procedure were accurate. The praise for GLOW comes as lawmakers attempt to push through a new healthcare bill, which would take away many health care rights for women.

"While the show takes place three decades ago, the storyline remains relevant today, as politicians continue to attack women's health and chip away at access to abortion in America," Planned Parenthood said.

Marc Maron, Alison Brie; GlowMarc Maron, Alison Brie; Glow

GLOW is currently streaming on Netflix.