Jill Latiano, Glenn Howerton Jill Latiano, Glenn Howerton

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia star Glenn Howerton and his wife Jill Latiano have welcomed a second son, Us Weekly reports.

The couple kept the birth of the baby, Isley Ray, under wraps until Thursday when they shared the good news. "We're announcing our baby tonight," Howerton told the magazine at The GoGo Gala. "We just had another baby three months ago and no one knows about it," Latiano added.

Howerton and Latiano, who married in 2009, are already parents to son Miles, 3. As to why they decided to keep Isley Ray a secret, it turns out it was actually a total accident!

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"With the first one [Miles], it's not like we announced [his birth] but it came out somehow. This guy came out under the radar," Howerton said. "I think because around the time we were having the first one, we went to a bunch of events and she was super pregnant, so [this time] it kind of happened without anyone knowing. As a matter of fact, because he was a home birth, he actually doesn't even have a birth certificate, so technically he doesn't even exist!"

The pair also explained that picking a name for baby No. 2 wasn't easy, so they took inspiration from everywhere before eventually coming up with Isley Ray.

"Honestly, we could not think of a name for this child and we started looking everywhere. And then we were listening to music on the TV and there was a great Isley Brothers song on and I said, 'Isley! That's kind of a cool name.' And we put it on the list. And then when he was born we kept coming back to Isely," Latiano said. "My mom's dad's name was Rayfield so it's kind of an ode to him," Howerton added.

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