Damian McGinty Damian McGinty

On November 1, the first of The Glee Project's two grand-prize winners, Damian McGinty, makes his Glee debut as Irish exchange student Rory Flanagan. "I am having the time of my life," reports the Derry, Ireland, native, who will be on the show for at least seven episodes. "Rory is living with Brittany [Heather Morris], who thinks he is her own personal leprechaun only she can see."

While the cast took to Damian right away, not everyone at McKinley High appreciates the sophomore's charms. "He does a little falsetto in his first song, and Kurt did not like that because Kurt's the soprano of the group and doesn't want that taken from him," says Chris Colfer. And Santana "quietly is in love with Brittany," adds Damian, "so she doesn't like Rory because he also has a thing for Brittany." Sounds like Santana may have cause for concern: "We just did a fun scene in Brittany's bedroom," says Damian. The luck of the Irish, indeed!

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