Dancing with the Stars frontrunner Ginger Zee has injured her pelvis while rehearsing for the season finale, according to ABC News. It is unclear whether she'll be able to perform Monday.

Since the injury earlier in the week, the ABC News meteorologist has been experiencing muscle spasms in her lower back. "By Wednesday, I went to see a physical therapist for the show, Gina [Minchella], and she said my pelvis was forward and an inch off," Zee tells the network. "I came back the next day, and [my pelvis] was backward and an inch the other way. My pelvis was just moving all over."

Zee, 35, had her first child, a son named Adrian, in December, which she says has contributed to her pelvic instability.

Who's going on to the Dancing with the Stars finals?

Zee intends to compete in the final against Nyle DiMarco and Paige VanZant, but won't know for sure if she is cleared for performance until Monday afternoon. In the meantime, Jenna Johnson stood in for Zee on Sunday for camera blocking with Val Chmerkovsky.

The Dancing with the Stars two-night season finale starts Monday at 8/7c on ABC.