<EM>Commander in Chief</EM> Commander in Chief
Gilmore Girls In many ways, this homecoming ep was hardly a surprise. If you paid attention to the teasers, you knew Rory would be coming back home. And if you read any of the spoilers, you knew Luke would find out he has a daughter. But you know what? It really doesn't matter. It's the way these stories unfold and reveal themselves that has us totally addicted. Who would ever guess that April would seek out Luke not for a relationship but for a middle-school science experiment about DNA? (In true hangdog fashion, Luke looked completely blindsided when he saw his mug circled on her poster board. Helluva way to find out you're the daddy of a brainy 12-year-old.) And while we knew Rory was tip-toeing closer and closer back to Lorelai and Stars Hollow, I loved the confidence and the poise of her final leap. Who else but Rory Gilmore could land a great job because she patiently sat in the lobby every day with her gigantic portfolio (all three of them), and worked it every time the editor-in-chief walked by? And they weren't even hiring! Her confidence has returned, she's enrolled at Yale and she's mended her relationship with her mother. Everything is right with the world. Sort of. There's this matter with Luke and the kid. (Nothing says "let's get married" quite like "hey, I have a child I didn't know about!") And then there's Emily. During my favorite scene of the hour, she confessed to pushing both Lorelai and Rory away. (A confession that occurred mid-purchase of a private jet, mind you. But I'll take it.) Instead of telling her that she deserved it, that she was a horrible mother for throwing her out of the house when she got pregnant, leaving her to raise Rory alone, then snatching her away the first chance she got, Lorelai paused. Turned around. And quietly said, "You haven't lost me."

Totally unexpected. Totally surprising. Wow, what a great show.