Gilmore Girls
All these months I've gone on and on about how Logan is wrong for Rory. The snooty family. The drunken trust-fund friends. The horrid Birkin bag. He's condescending, judgmental, slick and, dare I say it, not all that good-looking. (Sorry, but I've always preferred dark and deep over blonde and shallow.) The rich and smart thing? Hardly a commodity at Yale. How many times have I wondered what Rory sees in this guy? Tonight, I finally got my answer:

her father. Brilliant bad boy? Check. Wealthy family? Check. Kicked out of a half-dozen prep schools? Check. A taste for expensive toys and gadgets? Check. A thing for brainy, gorgeous Gilmore girls? Double check. No wonder Chris loves Logan. (Not even a tiny black mark for once catching the kid groping his daughter in a coatroom?

Come on!) And no wonder Rory loves him, too. The girl who grew up without a daddy around moves in with his Mini Me. Like it or not, it's Pop Psych 101. But here's the weird thing: Why didn't Lorelai, of all people, see the attraction from the start? She and Chris used to sneak drinks from her parents' liquor cabinet. They were planning to run off to Europe at 16. They accidentally got pregnant instead. How could she not realize that Logan is Chris? Or maybe she knew it and was too scared to admit it. Too afraid her kid would come home knocked up, too. But really, it doesn't matter. Chris is finally doing right by Rory. Logan is trying. (I'll give him that.) But we all know he won't behave himself for very long. For all their similarities, the whole Freudian thing might just end right there.