Gilmore GirlsI just want to make sure I've got this straight. Luke was completely freaked out about his long-lost daughter. Should he tell Lorelai? Yes, yes, he should. OK, how should he tell her? No, not over the phone. Definitely in person. Yes, yes, in person. All right, when should he tell her? Today? No, no, she's busy. Tonight. Tonight is good. The man had waited two entire months  naturally, she found out by accident. (Whoops! April's filling up salt and pepper shakers at her father's diner.) Guess what? Lorelai's pretty cool about it. She doesn't lose it. No screaming. No shouting. No crying. (She even said the girl was cute!) And again, at the winter carnival. No hysterics. No threats. No ultimatums. And get this: Lorelai was the one who offered to postpone! (This coming from the woman who had every little wedding detail set in place. In one

day.) She couldn't have been more understanding. She even sympathized with him about being a single parent. All should be right with the world, right? So why did Luke look so relieved? (Maybe he should be more worried that his ex and his fiancé are both quirky, fast-talking, boho-chic hotties with brilliant daughters and the same exact stained-glass dragon-fly lamp. Uh, yeah. The lamp. Anyone else notice that?) And hello, you don't casually walk away from a woman who's just agreed to put off the wedding you've been dreaming about for eight years. Luke's smarter than that. More practical than that. More in love than that. What is with the people in this town? Well, I guess as Zack would so eloquently put it, "welcome to the SH, bitch."