I strung you along for months. I teased you with impossible-to-solve asterisk quizzes. I accidentally ruined the surprise during a video interview with Lauren Graham and then attempted an elaborate cover-up that historians would later dub "Whispergate" (more on that in this week's Ask Ausiello).

But that's all behind us now. It's time to come clean. No more secrets. For all you spoilerphobes, that's your cue to head to the nearest exit, because things are about to get extra-scoopy. As you may've pieced together from last week's Ask Ausiello, Lorelai and Christopher will - pause for dramatic effect - spontaneously tie the knot (read: elope) during a romantic trip to Paris on Gilmore Girls next month. Nov. 14 to be exact.

OK, breathe. Splash some cold water on your face. Grab the back of someone's hand and slap yourself with it. But by all means, pull yourself together long enough to read my exclusive interview with Gilmore show-runner David Rosenthal. Not only does he confirm the elopement, but DR explains why he decided to go there and what this means for Lorelai and Luke. And while I had him on the horn, I tossed in a few questions about Marty's return, Richard's "death" and what role AS-P might play in the series finale.

Ausiello: Now that the secret is out, are you worried about a backlash from Luke and Lorelai fans?
David Rosenthal:
No, I'm not worried about any backlash. I'm really excited about the story lines this year. I think it's gonna make for a really interesting season and I hope the fans will stay with us and follow Lorelai through this journey she's on.

Ausiello: Luke and Lorelai fans are not going to be thrilled with this development.
I am a Luke and Lorelai fan as well. This is not an anti-Luke and Lorelai development. Luke and Lorelai are right now on separate journeys, but they are by no means forever separated. They're still very much a part of each other's lives and will be in the future in significant and profound ways.

Ausiello: How does this elopement figure into Lorelai's journey?
I think it's just a natural outgrowth of what's been going on with Lorelai this season and her reaction to last year and everything that happened with Luke. Obviously, [all the] episodes [leading up to the elopement] haven't aired yet, but I think you'll see their relationship building over the next [several] episodes. Christopher and Lorelai have a very deep, long history. This isn't just some guy in her life. This is the father of her only child and a man who she's known for virtually her entire life; they're very connected. I think people will see sides of Christopher that they've never seen before. It's a more complex relationship than people are used to seeing between Lorelai and Chris. The times before when Christopher and Lorelai have gotten together, something has always gotten in the way - whether Chris wasn't ready, or Lorelai wasn't ready, or Chris was having a child or whatever it was. Things have really kept them from exploring their relationship and their connection and what they have together. I felt like this year was really an opportunity to give them a chance to do that. And, I gotta say, they're great together. It's been really fun working with them.

Ausiello: This isn't really a traditional, "Let's run off to Paris and elope" kind of thing, is it?
It is not. But I don't want to spoil anything more than that. But no, they do not run off to Paris [intending] to elope. That is not why they go to Paris.

Ausiello: Can you talk a little about the aftermath of this event?
It's a very small town, so obviously Lorelai coming back with a husband - and not the husband they were expecting her to have - will have a profound impact on everybody.

Ausiello: How does Luke find out?
I don't want to spoil that. But that will not happen off camera; I can promise you that.

Ausiello: There are only so many times the Christopher card can be played. Is it fair to say that if it doesn't work out this time, it's not going to work out?
Absolutely. It's all or nothing.

Ausiello: Are you writing the show as if this is the last season?
No. We have an arc for the season. We have a plan for 22 episodes. If it ends up being the last season, I'm very comfortable with where we end up and I think it will be a really satisfying end to the series. But it's also a start of a new beginning for next season. I'd be excited to do another season, but I think that what we have planned for the end of the season could certainly wrap up the series if that's what's called for.

Ausiello: If this is the last season, would you be open to the idea of Amy coming back and being involved in that last episode?
Uh... yeah, of course.

Ausiello: But it's nothing that has been talked about.
No. That's not something that we've gotten into or even discussed at this point. The last time Amy and I talked, she wished me luck and I thanked her and told her I hoped she would continue to be proud of the show.

Ausiello: You haven't heard anything from her in terms of feedback?
I have not.

Ausiello: There's a rumor going around that Richard's going to die.
No! Absolutely not! I promise you! No one's going to die in Stars Hollow. Nobody.

Ausiello: What's next for Rory and Logan?
Deepening and intensifying. They're going to be dealing with more adult issues and more adult problems. And while that will create some conflict, it will also give them an opportunity to grow closer as a couple. But there's a question of, "Is this the kind of relationship that Rory sees going the distance, or is this just the college boyfriend?" Those are the questions that are going to come up for Rory this year. But there's a lot in store for those two.

Ausiello: Marty's coming back next month. Can you say anything about how he's going to be reintroduced?
We have a cool way of bringing him back into the show. Kind of a surprising way, which I don't want to spoil. It brings up interesting issues for Rory and Logan, and I think it's a nice story arc for Rory. We're happy to have Mr. Wilcox back on the show; he's really terrific.

Ausiello: How long will he be around?
He'll be in and out throughout the season.

Ausiello: Might there be another marriage this season?
God, I can't make any promises. I don't know at this point.

Ausiello: So it's possible?
Yeah, it's possible there could be another wedding this season.