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8 Reasons Dave Rygalski Is the Best Gilmore Girls Guy

Sorry, Jess!

Sadie Gennis

Who is the best Gilmore Girls guy? It's a debate as old as time. Er, as old as 2000. "Are you Team Dean, Jess or Logan?," Gilmore fans ask. But what about Team Dave?

Dave Rygalski (Adam Brody) was Lane's (Keiko Agena) boyfriend in Season 3 before Brody got cast on The O.C., which cruelly took him away from Stars Hollow forever. Yet despite Dave's short tenure on the show, he's left a deep impression on the Gilmore fandom. Probably because he's the only love interest on the show who has never:

A.) Cheated on his wife
B.) Moved across the country without telling you
C.) Been a spoiled party boy
D.) Refused to let his fiancé get to know his daughter

Here are eight other reasons Dave Rygalski is the best Gilmore Girls guy.

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1. He speaks the language of Stars Hollow.


2. He was Seth Cohen before Seth Cohen existed.


3. He just wants everyone to be happy.


4. He'll stomach anything in the name of love (even Mrs. Kim's egg-less egg salad sandwiches).



5. He always stays positive.


6. He goes along with all your crazy schemes.


7. He's even charming when he's being passive aggressive.


8. He gives the best speeches.

Who's your favorite Gilmore Girls guy?