Question: I feel like you're hiding some Gilmore Girls movie news from us. Release the scooplets!

Answer: Curses, foiled again! It's true: I have a little scoopbit I've been sitting on and the secret's been eating up my insides! Melissa McCarthy (aka Sookie) told me way back during the July press tour that she's open to the idea of a Gilmore Girls reunion movie, although she conceded, "I'm always a little sketchy about the whole reunion-movie thing. But Amy's such a good writer that she could write something and I'll be like, 'I'll be damned, it's really good!'" McCarthy acknowledged that the series finale felt a smidge rushed: "I don't think they ended it how they would've ended it [had they been given more time]. There was a lot of talk about an eighth season. But I think the writers did a great job considering it was so last-minute. I thought it was really good that it ended with [Lorelai and Rory] reconnecting. I think that's what people wanted. I would've hated to see the show go out on a sad note." Interesting factoid: Had the show returned for an eighth season, Sookie would've been MIA save for a possible guest appearance or two. Unlike the rest of the cast, most of whom were on board for Season 8, McCarthy had already committed to Samantha Who? on ABC. I assumed, as I think everyone else did, that Samantha was in "second position" behind Gilmore, but that was not the case.