Mark and Debby Constantino Mark and Debby Constantino

Mark and Debby Constantino, who star on the Travel Channel series Ghost Adventures, were found dead in a barricaded apartment in Sparks, Nev. Tuesday, in what appears to be a murder-suicide, People reports.

Police arrived at the apartment as they were investigating the murder of another man in Reno, and say that Mark Constantino fired shots as they approached. A police spokesperson said officers did not return fire.

The Reno homicide involved a man who has not been identified, whose body was found dead at a home where Debby Constantino and another woman were living. The other woman returned home and found the body, and called police after noticing that Constantino was missing, according to local news station KTVN. Authorities went to the apartment in Sparks after tracing Constantino's cell phone there.

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Police believe Mark Constantino was holding his wife hostage inside the unit, and suspect that he is the one who murdered her roommate in Reno.

The Constantinos were reportedly estranged at the time of their deaths, and a divorce was pending, according to reports. In March, Debby was arrested and charged with domestic violence after a dispute with mark. Six weeks ago, Mark and the Constantinos' daughter, Raquel, were charged with kidnapping and domestic battery after they allegedly dragged Debby out of her car and beat her.

Debby Constantino had obtained restraining orders against Mark and Raquel, according to KTVN.