George Clooney, Elizabeth McGovern George Clooney, Elizabeth McGovern

George Clooney's Downton Abbeysketch has finally aired, and just as he tells Lady Violet, he was as beautiful and charming as ever.

The two-part segment, which was part of British channel ITV's "Text Santa" charity, featured Clooney as Lord George Oceans Gravity, Marquis of Hollywood, who is married to Cora Crawley ( Elizabeth McGovern) in an alternate Scrooge-like dream sequence. Naturally, the whole clan is smitten with him, including Lady Violet ( Maggie Smith), who faints at the mere touch of his hand.

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Watch the skit below. Spoiler alert: Clooney's appearance begins at the very end of the first part — which also features Jeremy Piven as his Mr. Selfridge character: