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Game of Thrones: Is This the Craziest Bran Warging Theory You've Ever Heard?

Possibly. But that doesn't mean it isn't true

Sadie Gennis

Everyone's freaking out over Bran's (Isaac Hempstead-Wright) ability to time-travel on Game of Thrones, but it's warging that may prove to be his greatest strength.

As of now, we've only seen Bran warg into Summer (RIP) and Hodor (RIP), but what if he set his sights on a larger vessel? Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) has three dragons whose fire will likely be the key to stopping the White Walkers. However, not even the Mother of Dragons can always control her children. But if Bran were able to warg into one of Dany's dragons, he could drop some dragon-talk and feasibly make the others listen to him. Then, Bran could lead a dragon-charge against the Night's King's army - as a mother-freakin' dragon!

Seriously, take a minute and picture that. It's not as crazy a theory as you might think.

In the books, Daenerys encounters a prophecy that warns, "The dragon has three heads," which most assume means there will be three dragon riders. It's clear Daenerys is one of them (her and Drogon are already BFFs), but George R.R. Martin has said that the other riders don't need to be Targaryens.

That means any of our favorite characters could wind up atop Viserion or Rhaegal in the near future. But other than Bran, who else could be a dragon rider? Watch the video above to find out!