Game of Thrones' sixth season premiere set a new ratings record, with 10.7 million viewers — none of whom were my boyfriend.

Nearly 8 million people watched the 9 p.m. broadcast on HBO alone, according to The Hollywood Reporter. But thanks to encore airings, HBO Go and HBO Now, the anticipated episode easily beat the fifth season finale's previous record-holding 10.3 million initial viewers. Meanwhile, my boyfriend was watching hockey, or possibly Gilmore Girls. I honestly don't know, I was too busy doing what the rest of the world was doing.

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Game of Thrones is a worldwide phenomenon. It sparks endless debate, fan speculation and hilarious memes. Your friends watch it. Your co-workers watch it. Even your mom watches it! (Although, we bet she has a thing or two to say about all that violence and nudity.) Yet despite all this and the fact that nearly 20 million viewers saw each episode of Game of Thrones last season, my boyfriend refuses to tune in.

But he is the few and we are the many. The things I do for love, as Jaime Lannister would say.