Seth Gabel Seth Gabel

Seth Gabel will not be returning as a series regular for the fifth and final season of Fringe, has confirmed.

After Gabel's other universe Lincoln Lee meet his demise in the fourth season, this universe's Lincoln decided to stay over there when the bridge between the two universes was closed. We'd like to think he'll at least hopefully find love with other Olivia (Anna Torv)!

Fringe Postmortem: What's in store for the fifth and final season?

But does this mean the bridge will not be opened again? Not necessarily! A Fringe source says this news doesn't mean we've seen the last of Linc. Therefore, Gabel could return as a guest star. Also, executive producer J.H. Wyman told that "everything is a possibility" when asked whether the bridge would be reopened. Here's hoping!

The fifth season of Fringe kicks off this fall, with 2036 expected to play heavily into the final season. Get more scoop on Season 5 here.