Joshua Jackson Joshua Jackson

It's the final frontier for the Fringe Division, as the sci-fi drama heads to the future to wrap up its run. "It's a truck to the end," says exec producer J.H. Wyman of the show's 13-episode farewell fifth season, which will pick up in the Observer-overrun year 2036 we first saw in last spring's "Letters of Transit" episode.

"This is a season where there is no room for filler," continues Wyman, promising "real action...everything is a reaction and a new discovery." According to Joshua Jackson (Peter), our heroic team's main goal — after escaping the amber they've been encased in for almost two decades — "is very clear: We have been invaded, so we need to find whatever it is that Walter [John Noble] had invented [in the past] to fight off that invasion. And we have to find Olivia [Anna Torv]."

They'll get help from Peter and Olivia's daughter, Etta (Georgina Haig), now all grown up and fighting the Observers. Wyman is cagey about whether Lost's Henry Ian Cusick — who played Etta's partner in "Letters" — will return, but he does feel this last batch of episodes will satisfy fans who have stuck with the show. "It's a payoff for everything that has come before."

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