<i>Friday Night Lights</i> Friday Night Lights

The lights are about to go out in Dillon, Texas: The fifth season of Friday Night Lights will be the show's last, TVGuide.com has confirmed.

NBC releases post-Leno prime-time schedule

A source close to the show says the actors and crew were informed that they can pursue other work after production on Season 5 wraps this summer. Entertainment Weekly

first reported the news.NBC insists that nothing is official, as did executive producer Jason Katims on Thursday during a news conference to promote his new show, Parenthood. But Katims did sound ready to let Lights go. "If it winds up being the final season of the show, then I will feel very, very lucky and grateful that we were able to do as many episodes of a show that is so dear to my heart," he said.

Score! Friday Night Lights gets two-season pickup

NBC saved the critical darling from cancellation in 2008 when a deal was struck to have its episodes air first on DirecTV. In 2009, NBC ordered two more seasons under the same arrangement.The show's fourth season wrapped its DirecTV run Wednesday night and will begin airing on NBC on April 30.Are you sad to see the show go?