As its title suggests, ABC's new comedy Fresh Off the Boat, about a Taiwanese family who must deal with all kinds of culture clash when they move from Washington D.C. to Orlando, Fla., isn't afraid to poke fun at certain stereotypes. However, the show's official Twitter handle crossed that line in a big way on Wednesday in a very misguided effort to promote the show's premiere next week.

The tweet, which was screen-grabbed by Buzzfeed before it was deleted, contains a graphic depicting several different types of hats that people of various distinct cultures might wear (including a turban, a bamboo hat, sombrero and a kufi) with the tagline "We're all a little Fresh Off the Boat."

Executive producer Eddie Huang, who wrote the 2013 memoir that the show is based on, wasted no time in blasting ABC about the racist image when New York-based writer and video editor Mimi Wong brought it to his attention and that of Wall Street Journal columnist Jeff Yang, whose son stars on the series.

Eddie Huang: Fresh Off the Boat is ready to spark uncomfortable discussions about race

Huang's Twitter rant follows his controversial comments about the series in a New York magazine profile that ran earlier this month. Obviously, Huang has no problem speaking his mind. [Warning: The following tweets may contain profanity.]

ABC had no comment on the promo. Fresh Off the Boat premieres Wednesday at 8:30/7:30c on ABC.

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