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The 9 Best Moments From the Trailer for Freeform's Series About Killer Mermaids

This is the show we've all been waiting for

Tim Surette

Ever since Freeform (back then it was still known as ABC Family) announced that it was developing a project about killer mermaids terrorizing a quaint ocean town, the only thing I have ever wanted was to hear the words "Freeform greenlights killer mermaid series." Today, that day has come.

Freeform has ordered 10 episodes of Siren, which was previously known as The Deep, for a run in the summer of 2018. Siren will feature sexy and extremely young marine biologists who discover that the local mermaid lore is actually true when a mysterious young woman (also sexy) arrives in town with a deep, dark secret. I hope I'm not giving it away by saying that secret is that she's a mermaid.

From there, a war will develop between the footed and the finned as they battle for supremacy over the ocean and probably seaside vacation towns. I am being conservative when I say that my entire life has led to this moment.

Freeform released the trailer (actual video proof that this isn't a hoax) and it's amazing in every single way you can think of. Here are the best moments from the trailer.

1. Ryn the mermaid looks like a mermaid, probably


Our fishy fiend who starts this whole mermaid uprising is Ryn, played by Eline Powell. You may recognize Powell from Game of Thrones, where she was the young understudy who played Sansa Stark in the play that Arya watched when she was in Braavos.

Aside from Disney cartoons, Daryl Hannah and your single aunt's home decor, we really don't know what mermaids actually look like, which is why this casting is so good. To say Powell has an interesting face is a bit of an understatement ("weird" is another word), but it totally fits the idea of subaquatic mythological creature, don't you think?

2. Sexy marine biologist is appropriately intrigued, sexy, good at swimming


Every land-locked mermaid needs a handsome human male to kickstart that star-crossed love story, and Ben (Alex Roe) is our man! You don't even need to watch the trailer to understand his backstory: he used to hear tales of mermaids from his grandparents or someone else wise, he's much more sensitive than his rough boat mates, and he has fine form in a high-arcing swan dive! Also, the actor's last name is ROE! As in fish eggs! This could not be anymore perfect. Who plays his brother, Johnny Kelp? Is Brine Oceanside the local barkeep? Does Marlin Tide play the mayor?

3. The mermaid devours the patriarchy


Humans are terrible is the basic theme of Siren, as far as we can tell, and it doesn't get any worse than a predatory slimeball skeezing on the new girl in town. Well Jeb (I assume his name is Jeb), you picked the wrong mermaid to force yourself on. Shoulda wore your seat belt!

4. The mermaids aren't all gills and flippers


Okay, so Ryn has legs. That's a problem when we're talking about mermaids. Are we using Splash! rules here? Is she the victim of a spell like Ariel from The Little Mermaid? What's the deal? Our guess is that when she comes in contact with Poseidon's domain, her legs turn into a tail and she becomes mermaid-ized. But we also see that she grows fangs and claws! Apparently these mermaids won't be singing and seducing and will skip straight to the gnawing and slashing.

5. Wise old lady's warning: "Genocide"


Oh, that's not good. Yeah, that'll come back to bite us in the ass.

6. Kids might get eaten by mermaids


That adorable young boy on a boogie board in the water all by himself? I think his name is "Chum."

7. Obligatory love triangle, confirmed


Every Freeform series needs at least 29 active love triangles going on at all times, and I think we found our first. Ryn's arrival in town will almost certainly leave Ben dreaming of sashimi, and according to the look on the face of fellow marine biologist Maddie (Fola Evans-Akingbola), that won't play. Imagine being jilted for someone who smells like seaweed! Proposed shipper names: Byn, Madden. And in Season 3, Maddyn, obviously.

8. *boop*


Assuming the mermaid at the end of the trailer is Ryn, one of her first encounters with Ben when she's in mermaid form is amazing. She basically plays torpedo and headbutts him in the gut. Sure, why not?

9. Everything


Every show should start with "Freeform presents." Give Siren all the awards right now. This will be AMAZING.

Siren will premiere on Freeform in Summer 2018, which is way too far away.