Rapper Fredro Starr is about to add a new title to his credits. Aside from his acting career (his latest flick, Save the Last Dance, opened at number one at the box office this weekend) and his solo music endeavors (his new album hits stores Feb. 13), the Onyx member is now a television producer.

"I'm working on a TV show called Young, Rich and Famous with Amy Heckerling, who produced [the TV show] Clueless," Starr told TV Guide Online. "It's like Dallas meets hip-hop. You go into the lives of three rappers: A rapper like a Tupac or DMX... then you have a rapper that's kind of an Eminem type, and then you have like a Lil' Kim type. You go into their lifestyles on a daily basis."

Starr adds that he's setting his sights high when it comes to casting the roles. "I want Lil' Kim and I want Eminem. If I can't get them, I'll get somebody who resembles them." Starr also says he's excited about not only producing but starring in the upcoming project. "I will play Firestarr, [who] is a rapper who is caught between rapping about good and bad. In the pilot, his friend gets shot [and] he wants to change his lyrics to a more positive note, [but] the label doesn't want that. He has to fight through the whole thing of good and bad."

Cashing in on the wave of reality TV, Starr explains he should have no trouble coming up with plot ideas. "It deals with what every rapper deals with. You read The Source magazine and... pull real stories from real rap and just put it in the TV show, and that way we'll never run out of stories."