Seth Rogen, known to Freaks and Geeks fans as the sarcastic high schooler who fell for the Tuba girl, is hitting the books again — but this time as a college freshman in Fox's midseason comedy

Undeclared. And proving quite the overachiever, Rogen also serves as one of the show's writers.

Freaks and Geeks brainchild Judd Apatow — the creator and executive producer of Undeclared — originally approached Rogen to join the writing team. However, he quickly realized that the up-and-comer would be perfect for the role of Ron, one of six college freshman sharing the same dorm floor at the fictional University of North Eastern California. "He's really funny," Apatow says of Rogen. "And how much funnier he is now than I was at 18, you can't even discuss it."

Rogen admits he doesn't mind the extra work load, and is especially enjoying taking part in Undeclared's writers meetings. "It's very relaxing, and you can just really think... You're with a lot of very smart people and they all love writing," Rogen tells TV Guide Online. "You don't really have to necessarily physically do a whole lot like you do with acting."

Currently, Rogen is in production of an episode he wrote, and he's having some difficulty settling on the right adjective to describe his excitement. "It's awesome, it's insane, it's ridiculous, it's crazy," he marvels. "I've been lovin' it.

"It's good to see how much all the actors bring to it, and do things I've never even thought of," he adds. "I have so much confidence in all the actors. I think they're all so good. They're just bringing it to life."