As so many comedians today insist on pushing the envelope by developing new approaches to old material, we at TV Guide Online find it refreshing, nay laudable, that at least one humorist has the chutzpah to keep telling tried-and-true knee-slappers in traditional fashion. Why, not since the heyday of vaudeville has there flourished a funnyman with the familiar timing and eager-to-please stage presence of the stand-up guy we readily leap to our feet to salute. For that matter, with the possible exception of Bruce Vilanch, there's never been an entertainer hairier than our honoree, either. So, with the 25th anniversary of The Muppet Show rapidly approaching, please join us in giving credit where it is due, to the groundbreaking variety program's preservationist huckster — Fozzie Bear. Even now, his classic act never fails to leave us laughing.