Fox has officially summoned you for jury duty. But this time around, there's no need to dust off that Princess Leia costume or prepare an outlandish political statement — because the time commitment is only one hour, and the network is banking on the fact that you'll want to stick around to join "the biggest jury pool in history."

You the Jury, a new reality series set to premiere on Friday, April 7, will feature six top attorneys arguing "explosive, real-life, ripped-from-the-headline civil cases" every week. Hosted by Jeanine Pirro, viewers will hear the show's prosecutors and defense attorneys question and cross-examine litigants and expert witnesses, in front of former judge of the Superior Court of California LaDoris Cordell.

Law & Order is getting a reality spin-off

But before the honorable Judge Cordell weighs in, America will be given five minutes to vote via text and the FOX Now App. At the end of the East Coast airing, "America's Verdict" will be revealed, though if cumulative votes after the West Coast and Mountain Time Zone airings lead to a different result, the original verdict will be overturned.

"The cases will address hot-button issues that define America today," Fox said in a statement. "Whether it's online trolling and the limits of free speech, the constitutional clash of gay rights with religious freedom, or whether someone's death was the result of a tragic accident or something far more sinister, You the Jury will investigate the law and the intense human stories behind it. In a dramatic twist, the closing arguments will be presented by the plaintiff and the defendant as they sit across from one another."

If all this didn't sound explosive enough, the six attorneys hired for the series should push this into must-watch territory. Jose Baez defended Casey Anthony, Benjamin Crump represented Trayvon Martin's family, and Joe Tacopina defended Joran van der Sloot, the prime suspect in the 2005 disappearance of Natalee Holloway.