The highlights of a November-sweeps press release from Fox:

" In all-new episodes of Prison Break, Michael is determined to reunite with Sarah, while Mahone and Kellerman are dead-set on keeping them apart, permanently (on Nov. 6); T-Bag makes the ultimate sacrifice to get his hand on Westmoreland's millions, while Lincoln says goodbye to another loved one (Nov. 13); Bellick makes a stunning confession, as Michael and Lincoln make their run for the border (Nov. 20); and alliances are turned upside-down once again (in the series' Nov. 27 fall finale).

" On Nov. 15, in one of three new Bones episodes, Brennan and Hodgins, the Grave Digger's latest victims, are forced to try to solve their own kidnapping from an underground grave.

" Sweeps guest stars include Everwood's Chris Pratt (in a multi-episode arc on The O.C., starting Nov. 2); film vet David Morse (in four episodes of House, starting Nov. 7); Arrested Development's Jessica Walter ( Happy Hour, Nov. 16); and Jane Seymour (as Ron's ex-lover on Justice, Nov. 20).

" Vanished, which returns in a new time slot this Friday at 8 pm/ET, will unspool three new November episodes that shed light on Sara's captivity, while putting agents Lucas and Mei in touch with a death-row inmate and delivering a shock to young Marcy.

" Nelly Furtado drops by MADtv on Nov. 4, in an outing that lampoons Project Runway.