Fringe Fringe

Looks like 13 is the lucky number for Fringe fans, because that's the number of episodes the show has been renewed for! The producers just tweeted out the news that Fox's four-year-old critical fave and perpetual bubble-show was given the greenlight for a half-season order next fall which will presumably be designed to wrap up the ongoing, alternate-universe exploits of Agent Olivia Dunham and company.

However, executive producer Joel Wyman recently told TV Guide Magazine that "every season finale ends a chapter and begin a new one the next season," so until we see what goes down on the May 11th season-ender, who knows what universe, timeline or team we'll be dealing with come September (the month, not the Observer). Still, this renewal gives us hope that things will turn out OK for Liv and the Bishop boys. And we're not alone. When asked about the possibility of Fringe's final run, Josh Jackson confesses that his "sincerest hope is that when the end comes, that it is a satisfying completion."

What do you think? Are you thrilled that Fringe is getting a chance to tie things up? How would you like to see things end?

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